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First Post! Might as well jump right in, eh? I have not started any projects or series yet, I’m still in the “how does this thing work?” stage.

I thought I would start out with these pictures. These are from a cold, blustery tuesday in October. Typical of Colorado weather, the day before was a warm, sunshiny day so I spent it inside at the library, hahaha. The day I took these I came home caked in dirt from the frigid, whipping wind. But it was well worth it ♥ The sun glowing behind what later proved to be massive snow storm clouds created a unique situation that will never be captured again.

I borrowed my sister’s red wig to go with my red Escada suit. It definately caught someones interest!
There is a road near my home that you turn left on. You do not turn right because, well, why would you? Only people that come from that way go back that way. One day it occured to me that, as the driver of my vehicle, I can go wherever I want to even if I hadn’t been there before! (A novel idea for those of us on the autism spectrum who are driven by routine) So I turned right and ended up in this secret wonderland. A beautiful, open farmland living just outside the periphery of my establish world.

Before coming to the farmland, you come up over a hill and a vast lake floods your windshield. You wrap around curves and bends shaded by tall foilage. The pinkness here is meant to represent to magical surrealness of the winding road, glimmering lake, thick trees, and sense of adventure.


Entering this land is like entering another world. Time stops. Breathing. Stops. Only the earth breathes, its exhalation flowing through the grain, lapping around your ankles.

These tracks truly capture the timelessness of the region, you can almost hear an ancient whistle in the wind.


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