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Favorite Photo of 2011

I have recently begun volunteering at The Center for Fine Art Photography and the first thing I got to do was help hang and exhibit called “Dreams.” It was really fun because not only did I get to see all the pictures not hung up yet and view them as long as I wanted, I also found out that I am quick with a level and measuring stick, yay!

The guest judge for the exhibit was Aline Smithson. I had the pleasure of meeting her opening night, as well as take a workshop with her the next day. The three most memorable things about her, in order of awesomeness, were her glasses, her fascinating body of work, and her blog Lenscratch.

Whilst perusing said blog I discovered a call for entry for your favorite photo taken during 2011. After thinking about it for a while I decided on a portrait I took of my sister. I don’t know that it is my verrrryy favorite picture, probably top 5, but it is definitely the image that resonated with me the most. It is the most important picture to me personally. It was taken just in the neighborhood, I dressed her up in the dress and we walked around and took pictures and played basketball with my littlest sister. Here are three other memorable pictures from that location. Last is the picture I submitted. I pretend that I put it last to build anticipation, but really the slide show at the top of the page here picks the first photo from each post and I wanted them all to be the same shape. 🙂

And now the picture you’ve all been waiting for! (That you can also view here with the other submissions on Lenscratch)

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