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Soft Gold

I’ve been trapped in the house for months and needed to get and take some pictures! So I put on too fancy of an outfit (at least I opted out of the wig, this time), grabbed a sister (harder to kidnap), and hopped in my little, grey honda accord (which, as it turns out, isn’t meant for off-roading).

First stop was Soft Gold park and natural area. I’d see the park years and years ago for some reason on the bus but wasn’t aware that there was a pond to walk around or a place to BMX back there. It was a bright winter’s day that feels nice enough until you get in the shade, then you regret not having gloves. The clear weather made for sharp, lovely colors but it was still cold enough to capture the delicate ice crystals, jagged and geometric, transparent like a thin skin protecting the dark, cold waters.


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